Daily stock news: 46.5 thousand shares were sold

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46.5 thousand shares of 12 SHCs were sold at MSE totalling 23.8 million MNT trade. 57 Remicon shares were sold at the primary market. 16.4 thousand shares of Genko tour bureau were sold and it was the most actively traded share at the stock market. In comparison to the previous day’s trade, share price of Mongolia Telecom SHC was increased by 5.97% and APU SHC by 5.0%. Share price of Baganuur SHC was decreased by 13.88% and NIK SHC by 7.09% but share prices of Zoos bank and Olloo SHCs were unchanged.

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2 Responses to Daily stock news: 46.5 thousand shares were sold

  1. guest says:

    Ariljaanii medeeg orchuulj tavij baigaa chin sain hereg bayarlalaa. Gevch medeeegee zasj oruulj baimaar sanagdlaa. SHC gej yu heleed baina huulind bol Huvitsaat company iig Joint Stock Company gej orchuulsan baidag.
    Tsaashid asuuj lavalh zuil baival holboo barina uu.

  2. guest says:

    Let’s assume SHC stands for Joint Stock Company or public company. visit http://www.mse.mn

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