110 billion MNT of loss from coal transportation

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Ulaanbaatar Railways shareholders meeting was held and it had 9 issues in its agenda. The meeting was discussed the financial and economy reports of Ulaanbaatar Railways and determined its action plan. The main topic of the meeting was the tariff of the transportation. Due to the world economy recession, income of Ulaanbaatar Railway dropped sharply and the meeting made decision not to decrease this income.
The General Council’s structure is changed. The delegates from the Russian side are entirely changed. Also some members of the Mongolian side are changed. Mr. A.Gansukh, Minister for Roads, Transport, Construction and Urban Development informed about the common consensus with coal mining companies. Because, Ulaanbaatar Railways suffered 110 billion MNT loss in last ten years.

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One Response to 110 billion MNT of loss from coal transportation

  1. Barry says:

    I have noticed that during the negotiations and discussions for the IA with IVN / RTP that railroad and road construction is part of this agreement. With much if not all of the costs to be born by IVN / RTP. Does this include the use by other mines in transporting resources to the China border? If it does will OT be able to recover at least part of these costys from the use by other mining companies? It would seem fair for IVN / RTP, or those that pay for the infrastructure construction to be able to recover there costs from others that benefit from their expenditure and investment.
    What about other infrastructure costs and construction being required by Mongolian Government by the mining company at OT?
    When the negotiations are done on IA agreement between Mongolian Government and IVN / RTP that these issues will be published.
    Thank You for your tireless work keeping the public informed.

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