Oyu Tolgoi investor is obvious but how about Tavan Tolgoi?

Jan 28 • Companies, Mining • 1284 Views • 2 Comments on Oyu Tolgoi investor is obvious but how about Tavan Tolgoi?

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Mongolians are relying much on “two tolgois” in this time of economy recession. Although the Government is developing the action plan against the recession, but nothing is promised or well resolved yet. Because, much of this slowdown is originated not from Mongolia, but it was fueled up by Mongolians. Frankly to say that this crisis or slowdown is much different than any other part of the world. Mongolians widely believe that only exit of this crisis would be the realization of “two tolgois”. As for Oyu Tolgoi, we have not that much to worry about investors, but we have to be careful on our acts not to turn them down. But as for Tavan Tolgoi, the issue is still unclear. One thing is clear that procedure of making deal with investors will be regulated by the Mineral Law of 2006.

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2 Responses to Oyu Tolgoi investor is obvious but how about Tavan Tolgoi?

  1. guest says:

    you should not take for granted that the situation with investors in Oyu Tolgo is cledar – poersonally, and I know many Mongolians would like to see them loosing this game – Rio Tinto and Ivanhoe – there are rumours that local herders hate these modern time ‘colonisers’

  2. anotherguest says:

    And that is exactly the attitude that will cause RT & Ivanhoe to rethink investing tens of millions in Mongolia. Then the herders can herd over the top of the ore deposit and Mongolia will not see a 30% rise in GPD during these hard economic times.

    These modern time “colonisers” will bring jobs, technology, capital, and offer quality programs for people in the area for many, many years in the future – unless they pull out because of the “many Mongolians who want them to lose.” If they do turn their back on Mongolia, they will not be the only losers.

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