Mr. L.Purevdorj was appointed as the President of the Mongol Bank

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His vice president will be appointed by the Democratic party.

The request of Mr. Batsukh, the President of Mongol Bank, was discussed by the MPRP group at the State Great Khural. MPs of the group agreed to accept his request and appoint an expert to replace him in the time of recession and financial crisis. According to the law of the Central Bank, the Speaker of the State Great Khural will nominate the candidate. Therefore, Speaker Demberel nominated former MP L.Purevdorj and D.Molomjamts and MPs voted after the open discussion. By 19 MP votes, Mr. L.Purevdorj was elected and he won by two votes only. Mr. A.Batsukh explained his request was for the protection of the reputation, sovereignty and independence of the Mongol Bank. His party colleagues tried to persuade him to continue as the President, but he refused.

The Democratic party members at the State Great Khural decided to support Mr. L.Purevdorj and to propose his vice president from Demparty. Mr. L.Purevdorj was the Chairman of the State Property Committee and he is a highly regarded economist despite his inexperience in the banking sector.

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