N.Enkhbayar: I have desire of achievements and creation instead of ambition

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President N.Enkhbayar held a meeting with media representatives. This interview is an excerpt from his full interview.

We should work carefully on mining industry

Q: What is you point of view regarding the exploration licenses that are granted all over the country.

President Enkhbayar: We should be very careful on mining industry. We can make list of natural reserves and parks exactly the same way we made on strategically important deposits. It is the same logic that why we can’t make list of places that have to be protected if we made a list that can be mined. The list can include widely respected places such as Bogd Mountain, Khuvsgul Lkae, Altai Tavan Bogd and so on. Mongolia can’t fight against desertification. We can fight in wider extent including our neighbors and region. We can fight against yellow dust together with South Korea, China and Japan.

Q: Does the resolution of the State Great Khural on Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi deposits correct measure?

President Enkhbayar: I am afraid of loosing time when we are waiting for the best time. But too rushy is not the best solution. If we realized the strategically important deposits into the economy circulation, we could have provided many workplaces and economy growth, expand our infrastructure and production is ready to export to the world market. If the investment agreement is signed today, then its production will take 3-4 years. It might take nine years until the deposits are under mining operation. We are talking about our lost chances instead of right decision. Our government and state took bad mark on the lost chances. We are loosing so much time when we are trying to answer the question of who will take 51%.

Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev said to me that you Mongolians are trying to take others job when you can’t dot it. You want foreigners’ money but not allowing them to enter your home. At least you should allow them to stay one night at your home.

I think it is correct comment. We should decide this issue immediately like Erdenet case.

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