Wu Bangguo Meets with Chairman of the State Great Hural of Mongolia

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On the afternoon of December 10, 2008, Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of China, met at the Great Hall of the People with Damdin Demberel, chairman of the State Great Hural of Mongolia.

During the meeting, Wu said China and Mongolia are friendly neighbors linked by mountains and rivers. In recent years, China-Mongolia good-neighborly partnership of mutual trust has achieved new progress thanks to the joint efforts of both sides. The two countries have kept frequent high-level exchanges, with rapidly growing trade cooperation and dynamic humanities exchanges. The two nations have maintained good communication and coordination on international issues and shown full understanding and support for each other on major issues of mutual concern. “The development of the friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two not only serves the fundamental interests of the two sides, but also is conducive to the peace and development in the region,” Wu said. “China values its relations with Mongolia, and is ready to work with it to take the opportunity of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties to intensify cooperation in fields such as energy, mining and natural resources and translate potential in trade cooperation into new impetus for the development of bilateral ties,” He added.

When talking about inter-parliamentary exchanges, Wu made positive comments on the existing friendly ties between China’s NPC and the State Great Hural of Mongolia. “I hope the two parliaments will continue further cooperation and exchanges at various levels and increase exchanges on legislation, promoting democracy and legal system building and governing the country in an aim to inject new vigor to the development of the bilateral relations,” said Wu.

Demberel fully agreed with Wu’s comments on bilateral relations. He said development of ties with China is a need for Mongolia’s self-development, as well as a guiding principle of the foreign policies of the parliament and government. Mongolia expects to cement pragmatic cooperation with China in areas such as trade, humanity and environment. The State Great Hural of Mongolia is ready to keep closer ties with China’s NPC and jointly push for in-depth development of bilateral ties. Mongolia will continue to adhere to the one-China policy, Demberel noted, adding that his country will always uphold the view that Taiwan and Tibet are inalienable parts of China.

Source: http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/eng/zxxx/t525893.htm

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