Privatization plan for 2009

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The State Property Committee gave the list of state of owned companies to the Government to discuss about possible privatizations of those companies in 2009. This list includes Mongolia Telecom and MIAT as privatizing processes in 2008 were delayed due to elections. The State Property Committee has also included Khutul cement factory as they were announced twice for tender bid but failed to be sold. Additionally, “it is not a secret that Khutul cement factory is first on the list to be privatized in 2009 in our mind” the State Property Committee has mentioned.

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  1. Ulsbold says:

    The one of the best way to develop in terms of economy is to privatize companies and enter them into competition with other companies.It will be good opportunity to boost your economy since Mongolia hasn’t effected by the global financial crisis and downturn of the companies.Its a very good news.

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