MPRP wins the local self-government election in Ulaanbaatar City

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The local self-government election is important election, because through this administration the Government Action Plan implements and reaches to people. Therefore, to win this election is also vital as for the Parliamentary election. Moreover, it can be said that every election district of MPs is under control of local self government and if two parties conflict like if MP has opposition administration in local government administration, he or she is working without right hand.

Also it is important for mining license holders, because local governor and his or her administration will decide whether to reject or accept a license application request. For this reason, most of MPs were paying as much attention as they are competing for the election.
According to the early counting result, 35 seats out of 45 seats at Ulaanbaatar City Representatives’ Khural are won by MPRP. But the final counting is still yet to come up.

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