Anod Bank gives housing loan

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Mongol Shuudan Bank and Zoos Bank totally shut their all types of loan. But Capital, Savings, Khaan, Xac and Capitron Banks are providing business, salary, pension, secured by savings deposit and leasing loans. These banks are not providing housing loan. Xac Bank temporarily stopped its housing loan until the next year. It is still unclear for other banks when to start giving loan. People who bought Trade and Development Bank accredited construction companies can get housing loan. Mongol Bank reduced its interest rate and it gives good standing position for the commercial banks.

Anod Bank offered a new housing loan package. The difference from the previous housing loans is that people must save half of their house or apartment  amount at Anod Bank. In doing so, they must put some savings income into their saving account for over a six months period. Once their savings reached a satisfactory level, one can get the loan of remaining 50% from the bank as loan. Monthly interest rate of saving is 0.1% and loan is 1%.

As for Golomt Bank, housing loan full payment is for 15 years. It provides 1-120 million MNT with 1.8% interest rate. The bank set its requirements on housing loan that the house or apartment must be the first for the family and the apartment or house must be accepted by the State Commission. But it funds the last or remaining payment.

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  1. no-anod says:

    This is not called a loan, it is just a way of getting more money to the banks. I can bet Anod bank is dry as desert and go bankruptcy before 09

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