Mr. N.Altankhuyag, the First Deputy Premier: Government can provide “Grant of the Motherland”

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First Deputy Premier N.Altankhuyag visited to MM agency evening news. During the live interview , he answered some questions regarding the coalition government action plan, changes in people’s life and economy crisis.
The Government stated GDP per capita will be 5000 US$ in next four years, but it is 1800 US$ now. He also talked about the calculation for this estimation. Also the Government will be transparent and can listen its citizens.
Also the Government promised to distribute grants from Oyu Tolgoi, Tavan Tolgoi projects, but current development in the world financial world and economy in greater sense, will not allow it to provide cash or money to its people. Many economists insist that it is impossible. But the First Deputy Premier proudly replies that it can. The followings are the excerpts from his live interview.

N.Altankhuyag: Government’s 5 pillars in its action plan:
1.    Realization of the mining projects in order to provide election promises
2.    Industrialization: to support huge mining projects, at least at aimags’ center and some bigger soums, in three main directions; cement, armature and glass factory that are main raw materials in construction industry.
3.    Within the food safety framework; milk meat and potato, vegetable are main target and this year we had 200 thousand tons of wheat harvest. It will reach 500 thousand tons then Mongolia will reach the level of food safety level. This target must be completed within the term of this Government.
4.    Pay attention on training skilled workers and traders that are essential for the industrialization. It similar to Technical Profession Training Center but it will not hold youth for 2 years to give them diploma or certificate, it will be based on the apprenticeship.
5.    Transparency in the Government Affairs, responsible governance and cooperation with the civil society.

Q: It has been 2 months since the coalition Government is established. People have hesitation with the long cooperation of two parties and in coalition government. Some say that it can’t implement its action plan of 4 years. What would you answer to those people?
N.Altankhuyag: We are working on it. We decided to resolve the issues that can’t be solved by single party. Therefore, we are striving to form such an environment for the cooperation and joint effort on the development of Mongolia.
Q: Lets back to the first pillar that you talked about that realizing mining projects Tavan Tolgoi and Oyu Tolgoi and so on, experts say a lot about crisis and the election promises such as 1.5 million MNT cannot be distributed. Can you reach your election promises?
N.Altankhuyag: Yes we can. It is the meaning of the responsible Government, we don’t make show, we will do it. Of course we are getting through some obstacles and difficulties, such as copper price fell. But it can’t be said that it will affect all level our economy. Therefore, we can work under this pressure and bring good life for our citizens. It all depends on us.
Q: In the action plan of the Government, there is an issue of 100 thousand apartments. Will it be built in Ulaanbaatar or…?
N.Altankhuyag: Yes, but before we reach this target we should support and strengthen our industrial base that is necessary for construction sector. That was the main idea of this plan.
Q: Another question about the salary increase. How much it will be increased, triple…?
N.Altankhuyag: We will work on increasing salary by three times within this 4 years term. But, it is reasonable. Today inflation rate is over 30%. Therefore, it is not the exact time. Also in order to increase salary we have to worry about harnessing inflation. When inflation is stable and low it is good basis to increase salary.

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