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Between October 37-31 2008, 3.1 million shares of 40 SHCs were sold at MSE, totaling 486.5 million MNT.
At the primary 1.4 million Remicon shares were sold in 139.5 million MNT and 655.7 thousand Monfresh shares were sold 65.6 million MNT.
TOP-20 index is 6530.29 and it is decreased by 632.09 points or 8.82% and total market value was set at 576.8 billion MNT. The biggest share price falls were for Anod Bank (27.5%), Talkh Chikher (24.1%), Baganuur (22.2%), Gobi (22.1%), NIC (18.3%), Mongolia Telecom (15.0%) shares. Only 7 shares price rise and 23 shares price fell and 10 share prices remain unchanged.
Quantity wise, Hermes Centre share was the most actively traded (140.9 thousand), Khukh Gan share (103.6 thousand), Anod Bank (79.7 thousand). Qualitative wise, Chatsargana (literally. seabacktorn) share (136.2 million MNT), Anod Bank (40.8 million MNT) Tuul Songino Water Reserve (27.3 million MNT) were the most active.

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