MPRP and DP joint government reassured

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We informed that MPRP and DP leaders are to sign on Joint government agreement at the State Palace. S.Bayar, MPRP leader, N.Altanhuyag, DP leader, members of a task group, comprising of two party members to form joint government, and other members attended the signing event. Though MPRP has won the majority in the Parliament, it decided to establish a joint government with the minority, which shocked many people. There are many people who support joint government, whilst there are many who oppose. Members of two parties signed on 5-Article agreement in order to maintain firm and solid joint government.
MPRP and DP joint agreement
12 Sep 2008

Article 1. General provision
On agreement to collaborate in the years between 2008 and 2012, MPRP and DP have concluded this AGREEMENT with purposes of improving livelihood of the people, eradicating poverty, intensifying industrialization, creating conditions for job places, strengthening intensively developed economy, capable of ensuring availability of minerals income to everyone, that meets market rules, maintaining fairness, protecting human rights and democracy, sophisticating responsibility system and eradicating corruption and bureaucracy.

It is a natural demand to take advantage of current economic opportunities to develop the nation rapidly on the basis of mineral resources, to implement objectives and goals set in action plants of the two parties for the Parliament election 2008 and to create politically favorable and stable environment. Therefore we undertake a historic choice to ensure healthy, educated and adequate living conditions for the people and to develop the country rapidly in the XXI century, taking the ground that there is nothing more important for us than fundamental interests of the nation and the people.

Article 2. Agreement term
This agreement shall be valid from the date signed until the date newly elected Parliament, to be formed in accordance with results of the election, takes its office in 2012.

Article 3. Priority and the objective of the Government will include:
MPRP and DP jointly form the Government and prioritize the following socio-economic policies and objectives to realize:

1. Population income and life quality shall be improved:

  • No less than 60000 new job opportunities shall be created every year by harmonizing employment policy with family needs and employing no less than one person in the family;
  • Average monthly income per family shall be increased no less than MNT 1 million;
  • Price and rate growth shall be accounted on-going basis, the minimum amount of wages, pensions and allowances shall be tripled;
  • Provision of allowances for newborn children and newly married couples shall be continued;
  • One-time grants of MNT 300 thousand to families upon the birth of their third child, annually MNT 500 thousand to mothers with the order of “Glorious mother II” and MNT 1 million to mothers with the order “Glorious mother I” shall be shall be provided;
  • Infrastructure in ger districts shall be improved and developed as apartment area with participation of residents of ger districts and mortgage loan term shall be expanded and interest rate shall be decreased;
  • Policies on protecting people from price growth shall be realized, food supply and other assistances shall be provided.

2. Conditions for Mongolian citizens to live in healthy environment and to have access to safe food shall be created.

  • Domestic needs shall be met with national productions such as wheat grain, wheat flour, potatoes and vegetables, meat and dairy;
  • Laboratorial base for healing livestock and setting quality of food products shall be established in centers of capital and aimags and border ports;
  • New advanced technology shall be used in food and agricultural sector, producing and exporting ecologically fresh products;
  • Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar shall be reduced via gasification and half-coking the coal, using natural gas, encouraging use of cars with hybrid and full burning fuel, using surplus sources of night time energy properly, developing satellite town, forming development zone along roads and realizing re-planning of ger districts;
  • Use of placers and low resources deposits and mining of minerals with environment harmful technology in forest and river basins shall be forbidden;

3. Healthy and intellectual Mongolian individuals shall be developed:

  • New management “Prevention is easier than curing” shall be brought into health care system;
  • Diagnostic and treatment capacities combining contemporary scientific achievements and technologies shall be created for Mongolians to have diagnosed and cured domestically;
  • Professional medical examinations and diagnosis shall be provided to every citizen per year without any charge;
  • National Emergency Aid Network that is able to provide necessary health services on time in all remote areas of Mongolia shall be created;
  • Public physical trainings and sports shall be incorporated in curriculums and each aimag and district shall be provided with pools;
  • Contents of secondary education curriculum shall be renovated, all teachers at secondary school shall be provided with notebooks and conditions for high-school students to major particular area, learn English and computer science shall be created;
  • Supports shall be granted by the state for developing universities with campuses and favorable conditions for universities to emerge, modify their orientations and reach international levels shall be created;
  • Weight of students majoring in significant professions including engineer, technology, natural science, and pedagogy shall be increased, state fund system shall be renovated in order to support and encourage successful students and the number of students to study abroad shall be tripled;
  • Major and minor scientific orientations shall be set in compliance with national development needs and innovation system that enables use of research results in production shall be strengthened;
  • A comprehensive arrangement of professional education provision, employment and encouragement of small and medium enterprises shall be created and number of students shall be tripled;
  • Nationwide online network for teachers and physicians shall be established, remote training, diagnosis and treatment shall be used broadly;
  • Mongolian history studies and promotions shall be developed comprehensively, respecting national consciousness and pride.

4. New century rural development shall be supported:

  • Livestock breeding development shall be encouraged via enhancing livestock breed and race and strengthening enhanced livestock breeding;
  • New management of maintaining ecological balance shall be used, highly desertificated areas shall be planted, forested and irrigated, and comprehensive measures of digging wells in each bagh and improving pasture shall be taken;
  • Trading network for rural citizens to trade products to customers and buy main products directly shall be established;
  • Local initiative of developing model soum, bagh and farm in rural areas shall be encouraged fully;
  • Soum development fund with no less than MNT 50 million shall be created in each soum;
  • Accurate forms of providing remote and Gobi region allowances shall be created;
  • All herders shall be provided with social insurance accounts and health insurance;
  • Conditions for herders to use cell phones shall be created;
  • Herders shall be exempted from animal taxation.

5. Population and environment friendly mining shall be developed:

  • Mining policy shall be renovated and Minerals law shall be modified;
  • Major strategic deposits shall be brought into economic turnover;
  • Every citizen of Mongolia shall have access to no less than MNT 1.5 million from income obtained strategic and major deposits.

6. New industrialization of the ХХI century shall be developed intensively:

  • Mongolian brand of manufacturing industry shall be created and cashmere and leather shall be processed 100 percent in half and finished forms;
  • Finished and import subsidize goods production in which mining and VAT included shall be encouraged fully;
  • Major projects on processing petroleum, liquefying and gasifying coal shall be realized and domestic needs shall be met with petroleum;
  • Specific research on using nuclear energy shall be conducted and preparations shall be ensured;
  • Business environment shall be improved in all means, small and medium businesses with high technologies shall be encouraged;
  • Small factories and production-technology parks that meet aimag and soum needs and features shall be established with state investment and local model production shall be developed by leasing and privatizing them.

7. Infrastructure accessible to locals and citizens shall be created:

  • Mega projects including international airport, railways in south Gobi, electrical infrastructure network and east region railways shall be commenced;
  • Construction of second line for railways connecting Altanbulag and Zamyn-Uud shall be started;
  • Asphalt road connecting Zamyn-Uud-Ulaanbaatar-Altanbulag and Yarant-Khovd-Ulgii-Ulaanbaishint shall be constructed and linked to the Asian road network;
  • All aimag centers shall be connected to the capital city via asphalt roads;
  • Asphalt road connecting Ulaanbaatar-Mandalgobi-Oyutolgoi-Tavantolgoi shall be built;
  • Roads in Ulaanbaatar and in aimags shall be recovered and bridges and hole gates shall be constructed;
  • A program on developing Ulaanbaatar in compliance with international standards shall be formulated and realized. New electric and thermal sources shall be built in the capital city;
  • Every Mongolian family and household shall be provided with energy;
  • Power plants shall be built on the basis of Baganuur and Shivee-Ovoo coal deposits, Gobi region plants shall be supplied with energy and surplus shall be exported;
  • Infrastructure of tourism zones shall be improved, creating conditions to receive no less than 1 million tourists.

8. Fair, ethical and accountable state shall be developed:

  • Electoral laws in all levels shall be modified and sophisticated;
  • Ethical codes of civil servants shall be adopted and reinforced;
  • Comprehensiveness of registrations on citizen, property and legal body shall be ensured and registration system that connects state and the citizen shall be perfected;
  • Control system of civil society organizations and citizens on government organizations shall be created in order to eliminate corruption and bureaucracy in public service and media freedom to have access to information shall be ensured;
  • New phase of regulatory renovations shall be started, victim protection shall be enhanced and responsibility system shall be created;
  • Conditions for having draft laws discussed by the public shall be created;
  • Legal environment for civil society organizations shall be modified, supported by state and all kind of partnership shall be encouraged;
  • Centralization shall be slowed down, local management and economic independence shall be ensured. Management and finance law of budget organizations shall be modified and local financial power shall be expanded;
  • Nationwide checking on commonly obeyed legal acts shall be carried out, license and permissions system shall be systemized and conditions for running state activities quickly and without bureaucracy shall be created;
  • Law on buying products and services to state shall be modified and renewed new system shall be used for selecting executors, controlling implementations and compensating losses.

9. Internationally favorable environment that affects national development shall be created:

  • Economic and political diplomatic foreign policy shall be developed within a framework of open and multi-pillared scope, proper balance of real interests of foreign countries in Mongolia shall be ensured;
  • Support and assistance from UN and international organizations shall be directed to particular objectives of maintaining rapid development of the economy;
  • Defense, foreign relations and cooperation shall be extended.

Article 4. Cooperation principles
1. In the Parliament:
1.1. Groups of agreed parties in the Parliament shall make principle decisions in accordance with agreement in order to realize objectives set in the agreement.
1.2. A task group comprising of representatives of the two parties shall be formed in order to solve matters set in the agreement.
1.3. With purposes of realizing this agreement, majority shall try not to enforce its will and minority not to quit the session and not to take a break to interrupt the Parliament activities during discussion and decision over other draft resolutions.
1.4. Four of the parliament Standing Committee heads shall be nominated by MPRP, 3 by DP and 5 of sub committee heads shall be nominated by MPRP and 3 by DP.

2. In the Government:
2.1. Government action plan, based on realization of MPRP and DP election platforms, shall be formulated, adopted and collaborated.
2.2. In order to realize the Government action plan and maintain sustainability, 60 percent of Cabinet or Deputy Ministers shall be composed of MPRP and 40 percent of DP.
2.3. In case the Government is unable to realize its prerogative rights on grounds provided by laws, new Government shall jointly be established in compliance with conditions and terms set in this agreement.

3. In framework of parties:
3.1. A consultative committee with purposes of reaching consensus on disagreed matters shall be created. The committee shall comprise of Party Leaders, Secretaries, 3 representatives of party group in the parliament, 3 representatives of the Cabinet and a total 8 people shall participate from each party.
3.2. The Committee shall operate in accordance with the Constitution and other laws.
3.3. The Committee shall adopt and obey its operating principles.

Article 5. Miscellaneous
5.1. This agreement shall become valid at the signing of MPRP Governing Board and DP Executive Council. Modifications and cancellation to the agreement shall be discussed in case MPRP Governing Board and DP Executive Council support.
5.2. MPRP and DFP shall participate in the Local Meetings election 2008 and Presidential election 2009 separately. Election results shall not be grounds for nullifying this agreement.
5.3. In case the parties didn’t preach the agreement duties, it is forbidden to cancel the agreement by any one party.

Representing MPRP Representing DP

:Head of task group, MP


Head of task group, MP

Member of task group, MP Member of task group, MP










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