Each MP will have 5 assistants

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The Standing Committee for the State Structure held meeting and made decision on several issues. There were no questions from MPs. MP N.Enkhbold and D.Odkhuu made proposal to approve budget for the assistants and their equipment. It was supported by other MPs. “According to the last year’s budget MPs entitled to have up to 5 assistants. Will it be the same as for this year?” MP D.Odkhuu asked. Also MP N.Enkhbold added that equipments and computer facilities were bought 4 years ago and they are so old to perform. Therefore, it needs to be regularly upgraded.
Therefore, the budget of salary for the assistants 805.6 million MNT and 936.7 MNT for equipment and facilities upgrade, totaling 1.5 billion MNT is approved to include in the state budget modification for year 2008.

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