Gas price decreased by 80-155 MNT

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Yesterday, gas price decreased by 80-115 MNT. The most used gas AI-92 decreased by 115 MNT and diesel price decreased by 80 MNT.
Please refer the price comparison list of last 14 days.
September 19
Type    Petrovis    MT
AI-92    1685    1675-1685
AI-80    1510    1520
Diesel    1920    1720

September 20

Type    Petrovis    MT
AI-92    1655    1655
AI-80    1480    1480
Diesel    1820    1890

October 2
Type    Petrovis    MT
AI-92    1500    1500
AI-80    1400    1400
Diesel    1800    1800

If you can see from the list, you can easily find out that major importers are decreased simultaneously. It was increased by 250-300 MNT, but at this time it decreased nearly in half. Now what will be for the other consumer product prices that are so vulnerable with the gas price? Does Government have a right to push them to decrease their price?
Mr. Jargalsaikhan, the Head of the Economy Policy of the Ministry of Finance, was interviewed.
Q: Your Ministry predicted the possibility of decreasing price of gas by 300 MNT. But it was decreased only by 80-115 MNT.
Jargalsaikhan: I think personally that it was close to 300 MNT. It was decreased by 30-60 before. So it was decreased by 210 MNT in total.
Q: Is there any possibility to decrease gas price in the future?
Jargalsaikhan: It depends on the price of November in Russian Federation. If they decrease their price, then gas piece in Mongolia will be decreased.

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