Shall each goat will be compensated?

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Today the State Great Khural will discuss about the compensation for goat. Cashmere price is decreased and it will affect living of herders. Therefore, the State Great Khural the resolution to buy with 30-32 thousand MNT for 1 kilo cashmere, was adopted in May 2008. The cashmere buying 10 billion Fund is allocated at the Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia. Unfortunately, no companies wanted to buy cashmere over 30 thousand MNT and this plan was stopped.
Once the State Great Khural adopted its resolution, in order to reach its word, the Government of Mongolia presented its draft resolution to the State Great Khural, yesterday. Except MP L.Gantumur, all the MPs of the Budget Standing Committee agreed to present this draft resolution to the State Great Khural Session. Mongolia has 18.3 million goat last year. Around 270 grams of cashmere is taken from each goat. According to this data, 30.5 billion MNT for 16 thousand tons of cashmere as the compensation of the price difference. The most interestingly the Ministry of Finance decided to finance this money from the budget of children and marriage money.

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