MP Sh.Saikihansambuu: State shall seek apology and stop throwing money

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The draft resolution to distribute money for the goat herders as the difference of the cashmere price subsidy, during the Budget Standing Committee Meeting of the State Great Khural. But new MPs didn’t like the draft resolution of the previous MPs which was the election “show”.
As B.Dolgor, the Head of the Cabinet Secretariat, presented, 10 billion MNT from the Mongolia Development Fund to buy discounted cashmere wool from herders and select three cashmere producing factories out of 10 factories to distribute 8 billion MNT. But any factory took loan to buy cashmere. Basically, in the draft resolution, the Government of Mongolia is planned to allocate 30.5 billion MNT from the Mongolia Development Fund, literally 5000 MNT per each goat. But the situation is critical now. Price of 1 kilo dehaired cashmere was decreased from 70US$ to 60US$ in the foreign market. 
New MPs seem not like the draft resolution. MP Sedvaanchig said that cashmere preparation work is over now. Why don’t implement the resolution. Last spring the new cashmere price was high. Its price reached 45 thousand MNT in east aimags. He asked whether this money go to all herders or those just vulnerable in risk, and frustrated with the answer “to all” from Ch.Khurelbaatar, the Head of the Budget Standing Committee.
MP Saikhansambuu said that we shall reject this draft and State shall ask apology for this. It is good to say truth. We can revive it next spring when new season starts for cashmere preparation. Herders sold their cashmere already. Only dealers will play with this resolution now. We don’t need resolution now. Does the Mongolia Development Fund such a rich?
But the Head of the Standing Committee said that “Once we promised so it must be implemented”. State shall not lie. But MP L.Gantumur added his comment that cashmere money distribution will fuel up inflation again. In year 2008, inflation rate predicted to be 10%, but it is over 30% now. We need to recover the difference of 20%. This distribution of 30 billion MNT is so wasteful monetary policy. As the result, the draft resolution will not be discussed at the parliamentary session.

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