Mr. D.Enkhbat, The Leader of the Green Party: It is real danger when ruling parties consolidate

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D.Enkhbat:It is better have one party or king with unlimited power. One achievement of democracy is distribution of power to the institutes. Power never goes to one hand. In other words, citizens control the state. They control the state through political parties. It is not give power to one party. If both parties rule the state, then who will control the power? Because, system is not conditional to the individual. There must be monitoring power. Prime Minister S.Bayar can be good man and N.Altanhuyag also can be good man. But this is not the issue. Let me ask one question? If two parties plot and waste the wealth of Mongolia, then who will monitor their acts?
Q: There is no way to monitor it?
D.Enkhbat: No, to whom people of Mongolia trust? What will happen if two parties give away Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi? It is ok we have a Good Prime Minister or good Party Leader, but how can be the Mongolian State Institution without monitoring?
Q: It is not the first time that MPRP and Democratic Party established the coalition. It is not the last time also. When you leading TV program called “Forum”, you were strongly criticizing coalition Government of MPRP and Democratic Party. You even compared them with fascism.
D.Enkhbat: I said that consolidation is fascism at that time. Fascism and communism are both tyranny. Tyranny is established when the power is under one hand and it is beyond the rule of law. Remember group of “62” (group of “62” is the group of MPs who voted for the Coalition Government in 2004, by editor)? The Prime Minister of Mongolia shall run the Executive Power. But these two parties are agreed upon to run the Executive Power split in two years. It was ABC of the tyranny. At that time Parliament of Mongolia went into a single party rule. Such act still smells. If two party leaders agree on split of power by 60/40, then why we need to run election and compete with each other for the power to implement our agenda?
Q: MPRP and Democratic Party say that there will be control on power. Parliament shall control the Government. Can they?
D.Enkhbat: It is not. Because, controlling system is not individual or man but it is the function. If two political parties establish coalition then there will not be control system. Only political force to put control on them is Green Party of Mongolia and Civil Will Party. We will work on it.
Q: Will they listen to you, when they don’t listen to their internal voice? Can you influence them?
D.Enkhbat: The main thing is not whether we do it or not. But the issue is can we stop them or not. If they corrupt to “eat” state capital or lead the country into the wrong path, then w we will fight. The issue is not to influence. We shall mention it. Influence is the issue of 2.5 million people of Mongolia. Probably they will not be elected in the next election. Our role is to become the guard dogs.
Q: Rulers talk about the will of people. They will try to show you as the against of the people’s will.
D.Enkhbat: We will express what we need. We are sure in one thing. We have principle. Why these two parties don’t talk about it is they put their petty interest over the principle. There are two options in the Mongolian politics, to follow principle or to follow the interest. If someone follows the interest, one can talk about anything, like we are joining in order to the good will of people. If one follows the principle then they need people’s control. “For the well being of the people” is very dangerous words. In 1930s, everyone believes in Hitler when he talked about the well-being of the people. But we know what was happened. The most recent example is Pol Pot from Cambodia. He killed three million out of eight million people. If this word is without control, then it is very dangerous.
Q: MPRP and Democratic Party talk and think like one. MP R.Gonchigdorj said that there is no need of ideology of the party, no need of east or west oriented. We just need to unite for the sake of the country regardless of reds or whites.
D.Enkhbat: Then ask him one thing. If there is no difference, then why they can’t be united? But they will say that they have difference. Parties can be united in certain terms. Nobody denies it. But they must have principle. Leaders of the parties cannot change the system that was formed by the votes of people. In the parliamentary rule, majorities rule the State and minorities control majority. Control System is the Constitution of the Democracy.
Q: In the last 18 years these two parties ruled the country. They forged lots of obstacles in each other’s path, therefore there are not few people support this idea of coalition.
D.Enkhbat: Electors must worry about the uniting of two parties. Unity must exist between people, not between rulers or parties. It is real danger when ruling parties consolidate. It is the secret of Democracy. People of Mongolia must understand that if the rulers become one then democracy is over.
Q: So rulers are united. So does Democracy exist in Mongolia?
D.Enkhbat: I don’t say that Democracy is over. If such fundamental principles are violated many times then the State will go into crisis.
Q: Democratic Party is divided into two because of the proposal of MPRP. I seems to me that healthy and right part of the party is isolated.
D.Enkhbat: The biggest mistake of Democratic Party was the coalition with MPRP. It made mistake in the choice of whether to follow its interest of principle. If it follows its principle, Democratic Party can become the leading political power in Mongolia. But it goes into one bed with MPRP.
Q: People say that Coalition Government has 9 months’ age. How do you think about the age of Prime Minister S.Bayar’s Government?
D.Enkhbat: I cannot say exact time or date. It would say that this Government is instable. Nobody knows when it will fall. Shortly, this Government is like a house without fundament. I don’t know when the house without fundament will fall. Who knows when there will be strong wind?
Q: These two parties are going into coalition in order to realize election promises such as “the wealth of nation” or “grant of the motherland” using mining projects and to develop the country rapidly. Many people believe in it.
D.Enkhbat: I have opposite thoughts. Do you know why? How big the power and money, there must be that much control. Today, Mongolia is going to distribute its natural resources. This is the issue of huge amount of money. But State Institution has no control. I thought Prime Minister S.Bayar did good job as for the leader of MPRP. He managed to enlist his opposition to his side. But he is weakening our State being as the Prime Minister of Mongolia.

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