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Q: Mining industry is the most focused issue at the moment. New and young man was appointed as the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy. Do you have any specifically new plans prepared to implement in your sector?
D.Zorigt: Radical or sudden changes are not always be good or proper solutions. Most of the people expect to see that major mining projects are in economic cycle and be benefited from the income of mines. Our ministry is to create this income.

Q: The new draft Mineral Law is not included in the list of agenda of the Parliamentary Session of this fall. But State Great Khural eagerly demands the draft of the law from the Government. What would you say about this issue being as the Minister in charge of this agenda?
D.Zorigt: The New Mineral Law cannot go far if drafted by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy or Government alone. All players except experts from Ministries such as NGOs, scholars, economists, Civil Movements, MPs are required to provide their own unique experience and voice. If the lawmaking procedure is not correct, then there will be much hindrance and more problems even the law is good.
Q: During your service, the Mineral sector is combined with Energy. T.Ochirkhuu, ex-Minister for Fuel and Energy worried about the possible danger of blackout and failure in central heat system. Have you acquainted with the winter preparation works?
D.Zorigt: Last Wednesday, I visited to the IV Power Station, provides most of Ulaanbaatar City with energy and heating. The performance of the previous Minister was excellent. Much investment was made. Technical maintenance was good. But there will be certain obstacles and lags. Sub-station repairing work is under way. Also the building of additional sub-station is pending. I will closely monitor the implementation. Starting from October, smoke season is beginning. I studied the possibilities to decrease smoke in Ulaanbaatar. It is not a work to solve in two or one year. I will optimize the previous works of fighting with smoke in Ulaanbaatar and try to make them effective.
Q: When you were working as the head of department, your staff said that “Zorigt has strong arm and discipline”. Are we expecting this strong arm as the Minister? What is your management and leadership peculiarity?
D.Zorigt: Human Resource of previous Ministry of Trade and Industry and Fuel and Energy is professional with full experience. I will rely on them. Obviously, there will be challenges in our work and we will not avoid them, but we will go through them and solve them. Therefore, there will be again some discipline.
I think that the Mining and Mineral sector has sufficiently suffered politics. Also I think that such “bubble” is not for our professionals and they don’t need it. Our deals and negotiations must be based on the precise statistics and exact calculations, abreast with the international standard. We will work this way and it is requirements for our professionals.
Q: For example, where do you get your information and review on world economy?
D.Zorigt: Bloomberg is good source in financial and economy. There are also several sites that are ought to check regularly for the commodity prices.
Q: -Copper price is decreasing recently. It is pity that our state budget size will decrease respectively. Ministry of Finance declared that the state budget will be strict. Do you have some other positive news for your fellow Mongolians?
D.Zorigt: Copper price swings. Copper price was high in August and September 2008. Actually, market is stable in China and South East Asia, which are the biggest buyers of the Mongolian copper. If America and Europe can take measure to get through the financial crisis, our state budget will remain big as before.
Q: There was not potential investor to cooperate and collaborate in our mining industry so far. Your previous ministers were “buried” by the requests from inexperienced investors with some money or investors with ill-will. Since you were appointed as the Minister, have you received any offer from investors?
D.Zorigt: It has been 5 days since I became a Minister. I just got acquainted with two sectors.
Q: We wasted 5-6 years since we started talking about to realize our mining projects into the economy circle.
D.Zorigt: It depends on the law. If the law is passed then the right investment will come.

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