Mines urge receivables from power plants

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D.Zorigt, Minister of Minerals and Energy summoned pressing meeting for the 3rd day of his office and got acquainted with winter preparation of the sector. Winter preparation is completed 80 percent, but in some areas it is 40 percent. Specific directions and suggestions were provided to areas with difficulties. It was suggested to complete major overhauls, technical arrangements, investments and winter preparations on scheduled time. Also coal lay in is to be increased and 20-day stock up for peak pressure in winter is to be prepared as well. Power plants have 11-12 day coal resources and 7-day coal resources in winter so far but the plants are urged to pay payables to mines such as Shivee Ovoo and Baganuur. Receivables of Baganuur are accounted as MNT 8 billion and 628 million while Shivee Ovoo’s are MNT 7 billion and 650 million. The Minister directed to pay dues and accelerate heating activities. He is going to normalize the structure and organization of the Ministry next month.

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