Mongolia-Taiwan cooperation undergoes drastic development

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Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Foreign Economic Cooperation Association of Taiwan organized the VII Mongolia-Taiwan Businessmen Forum in Ulaanbaatar yesterday. During the Forum, the issues such as current state of trade and economy, investment and conditions of mutually beneficial collaborations have been discussed. This Forum was held under “Extending Mongolia-Taiwan Cooperation”. At the Forum, S.Demberel, MCCI Chairman introduced on current state of Mongolian economy, calling Taiwanese businessmen to invest and share experiences in small and medium enterprises in Ulaanbaatar and in rural areas. He is going to Taiwan in November to get acquainted with small and medium enterprise development.

Mr. Chao, Head of Mongolian economy committee of Foreign Economic Cooperation Association of Taiwan pointed out that bilateral cooperation would develop rapidly since Taiwan wants to be one of the 10 top importers of Mongolia. The two parties agreed that bilateral cooperation would be accelerated in the future if there is a direct flight between Mongolia and Taiwan.  Taiwanese part, which is participating in the Ulaanbaatar Partnership 2008, organized every year by the MCIC, for the 6th year is to provide references on trade, industry, export and import goods and small and medium enterprise equipment and organize Taiwanese goods and products day on September 12. On this day a quiz competition shall be held and those who win shall be awarded with prizes.

During the Forum break, we got more details from Mr. Chao, Head of Taiwanese representatives.

Have you ever participated in previous Forums?
This is not the first one, I participated in the Forum in 2004.

What is the feature of this Forum in comparison to that of previous years?

There are many potential investors to invest in Mongolia. Also investment amount tends to increase this year. Taiwan is interested in investing in two main sectors of Mongolia including mining and construction sectors.
What do you think what the reason of mass foreign investment in Mongolia is?

There are many reasons: Mongolian economy undergoes drastic change recently, Mongolia starts two communicate with the world using its minerals when global minerals decrease and Mongolian sportsmen competed successfully in Beijing 2008 Olympics, taking Mongolia’s dignity high in the world arena. These reasons contribute to the further investments positively.

What kind of products could Taiwan export to Mongolia?

Various kinds of products such as food, packaging equipments, car spare parts, etc. can be exported to Mongolia.

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  1. chao says:

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  2. Yes there are some very good investment opportunities.

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