S.Bayar receives N.Altanhuyag

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MPRP leader and Prime Minister of Mongolia S.Bayar received N.Altanhuyag, new Chairman of the Democratic Party  and congratulate for the appointment to a responsible position. Noting it was essential MPRP and DP to cooperate, taking advantages of favorable opportunities in social, economic and political arenas, the Prime Minister highlighted, “It is our priority to solve problems and ensure livelihood of the people even there are problems like inflation and price growth. On the other hand, the two parties must collaborate on launching major mining projects and putting the resources in economic turnover without delay in consistency with fundamental interests of the Mongolian people.

I do believe that you, a newly appointed leader of the Democratic Party, would attach close attention on and contribute to it. There is no way to go forward without completing the works we already started together and solving the problems accumulated. For instance, poverty and unemployment reduction, which is demanded and asked by the public, should be our priority. Our Party is for cooperating with the Democratic Party on mutual understanding and united positions, using every possibility for the country and people of Mongolia.”
As a Chairman of the DP, N.Altanhuyag highlighted two issues worth attaching attention. He pointed out that the Parliament should be formed completely with 76 members in the near future.

Also he added, “Collaboration must be visible. I addressed this issue with my program running for the Leader nominee. I think that we should collaborate in order to overcome poverty, income inequality and triumphs in people’s living. Let us get rid off our bad attitudes such as boycotting issues, making each other seems like a criminal and tripping each other up. We, Mongols have a common interest. For this interest, we could cooperate in Cabinet level. It is not an issue of taking a Ministerial seat or a Ministry, indeed it’s a joint realization of policies. Democratic Party is willing to collaborate with the MPRP for the policies in which the people are winners. We look forward to initiatives and ideas of real collaborations from you.”
Premier of Mongolia and Secretary of MPRP M.Enkhbold, MP and Secretary of the MPRP Ts.Nyamdorj, Executive Board of the DP, MP and Member of the National Consultative Commission N.Batbayar and S.Bayartsogt attended the meeting, informs the Press and Information department of the Cabinet.

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