Credentials are handed over to P.Sundev

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Credential letter was handed over to P.Sundev, Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Vietnam. President N.Enhbayar highlighted that Vietnam was an influential ASEAN membership and therefore it was essential to open cooperation opportunities bilaterally and regionally, extend bilateral economic relations and exchange information. “There are a lot of lessons to learn from Vietnam, which successfully attracts promising foreign investments. There are Mongolian students studying in Vietnam. In the future, attach attention on specifying academic majors”, suggests the President.

Mongolia tied diplomatic relations with Vietnam in 1954. Mongolian citizens could visit Vietnam without visa if holding diplomatic and official passports and those with ordinary passport and invitation could visit without visa. As of this year, 47 Mongolian students study in Vietnam whilst 15 Vietnamese students in Mongolia. GDP rate per capita is USD 2600 in Vietnam.

Ambassador P.Sundev has been employed as a Lieutenant general, has higher military education, obtaining Doctor of History. He’s the Chairman of Border Troop Authority, State Civil Protection Agency and Border Protection Authority, Border Troop Commander and Secretary of National Security Council since 2006.

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