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Base structure for railways is to be built

It is considered that it was proper to grant the permission to Mongol Alt LLC to build railway base structure from coal mine in Nariin Sukhait in Gurvan tes soum, Umnugobi province to the border port Shivee Huren. It directs R.Rash, Minister for Road, Transport and Tourism to conclude agreements related to the construction of railways and to inspect its realization and implementation. Investment matters related to the construction and use shall be taken care by the company and not less than 51 percent of the constructions shall be transferred to state in ten years since the use of the railways and at the reimbursement of expenses.


•It is considered that it would be proper to conclude a memorandum on mutual understanding between the Government of Mongolia and the Government of the Principality of Monaco to collaborate in cultural sector.

•Got acquainted with the project on constructing coal mine and electric power plant complex on the basis of Shivee Ovoo coal deposit and exporting electricity to China.

Press and Information Department of the Government of Mongolia

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