Meat price falls down by MNT 500-800

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Gas price went up by MNT 150-200 last Thursday. Since we have a standard that commodity price goes up following the increase in gas price, this time people concerned that price of other goods would fly high. However, the good news so far is that price of commodity goods didn’t go up. Beef price went down by MNT 500-800 in comparison to that of 5 days ago in Bumbugur and Huchit shonhor trading centers. It is worth praising that price of meat, which showed no decrease since spring, fell down rapidly. Butchers say nothing about the price decrease however it is because of the start of schooling. Also dairy product price showed a slight decrease and price of other goods did not increase. Some salesmen say, “It would be okay in general. There is no need to increase price but the price increases when goods become scarce.” Anyways, commodity goods price will not increase in the near future however taxi price increased to MNT 400-450 per km.

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