Mongolian Stock Exchange is to trade Government bonds

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Mongolian Stock Exchange is to trade Government bonds starting today. These 50 thousand bonds worth MNT 5 billion were issued for the purpose of raising financial sources for 40.000-family apartments.  A single bond costs MNT 100 thousand and 30 thousand bonds are discounted to MNT 95231 with interest rate 9.43 percent and of which return payment due Next May 2. Also 20 thousand bonds are discounted by MNT 92232 with interest rate 10.24 percent and its return payment due date shall be next July 5. According to the resolution No.301 of the Ministry of Finance, issued on August 5, 2008, Government bonds are traded. Officials explain that bond is the most risk-free investment form in the capital market. Therefore, purchase of these risk-free bonds would be beneficial for those who operate in business and finance sectors. The Government is to trade bonds equal to MNT 80 billion this year and this is the second trade. Discounted bonds, issued by the Government would be of great significance in solving current housing issues of the people.

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2 Responses to Mongolian Stock Exchange is to trade Government bonds

  1. Newsmgl says:

    Bayar hurgey! Mongolchuud mani 21 zuunii sanhuugiin zakh zeeld huluu tavij baina. This is exactly how the rich nations improve their infrastructure. Appartment prices in mongolia should go down, because of the 40,000 units of new appartment project. thanks, Newsmgl

  2. Amarsanaa says:

    Actually, Gov Bond has been sold since year 2002, i guess. At this time due to the political instable situation, Gov Bond’s sale is so low of all time.

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