Minerals Law is Kept for Next Parliament

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Yesterday, Spring Parliament session has been temporarily paused. Temporary means that the parliament will gather after election and close the session officially. Majority of this parliament is to run for election 2008. The term for election campaign and promotion starts officially as well and allowing opportunities for Parliamentarians to run their election campaign, Speaker Lundeejantsan informed. He summed the activity, “Multi-party representatives operated in consistency.”
Spring session of the Parliament ratified 12 legislations, 29 resolutions and modified 38 laws such as land ownership law, criminal law and revised edition of tax law and tax exemption law. Also election date was announced and expense amount was estimated.
It was planned to discuss 34 draft laws and resolutions at the spring session of the Parliament and most of them were passed. However draft law on Minerals, which is under focus of the public and investors, was not passed. Authorities of MPRP and DP announced they have reached consensus on minerals draft law but the parliamentary discussion was not held. Since task group members considered the draft law must be studied further seriously, the draft law was left for next Parliament.
The Government initiated draft law on producing, importing, trading and serving alcohol and discussion started in fall but members did not mention it this time. Also Limited casino draft law was not discussed.

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