The licenses of Asgat and Tavan Tolgoi Mine were Issued to “Erdenes MGL” LLC

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License of Asgat Silver Mine at Nogoonmnuur sum of Bayanulgii province, by the resolution of the MRPAM, was issued to “Erdenes MGL” LLC, the state-owned company. Also mining license of Tavan Tolgoi mine at Umnugobi province, was transferred from “Energy Resource” LLC to “Erdenes MGL” LLC. This resolution was made on the basis of the fact that those deposits were included in the strategic deposit because of their exploration expenditure was provided by the state.
MRPAM’S resolution regarding Asgat silver mine was made on the following resolutions and are provision 4 of resolution No 27 of State Great Hural, February 6 2007, Government resolution No 266, November 15 2006, MRPAM’s resolution No 42, February 11 2008, No 63 February 28 2008.
Tavan Tolgoi’s license was transferred on the basis of the following resolutions and agreements and are relevant resolutions of State Great Hural, Government of Mongolia and Ministry of Trade and Industry, mutual agreement, March 21 2008, between Government of Mongolia and “Energy Resource” LLC, resolution No 52, February 22 2007, of the State Property Committee.
Asgat silver mine, located 170 km in the north from the center of Bayanulgii province, has reserve of 6402.6 thousand tons of ore or 2247.8 tons of silver, 72646.6 tons of copper.
Tavan Tolgoi deposit has 5,073,644.7 thousand tons of coal.

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