Mongolian Businessmen Started to help Sichuan

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As of May 21, 71 thousand people lost life and over 220 injured due to earthquake in Sichuan, China. Also material loss is estimated USD 20 billion. Over 14 thousand companies suffered loss of USD 9.5 billion and 1400 workers lost their life in Sichuan and neighbor provinces. Mongolian people didn’t sit back at this very hard and tragic time. The Government of Mongolia sent USD 50 thousand to China as aid. Among business organizations, MCS pioneered in giving aid hands to China. Representatives of MCS group handed over MNT 10 million to the Embassy of China for the Chinese people, hit by disasters. Staff of the Embassy expressed their gratitude for warmth and sincerity of the MCS staff.

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  1. lailixuan says:

    I’m a chinese.thanks for your help.
    you are do very well

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