Mongolia Ranks at 81 for Its Press Freedom

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Freedom house center informed that press freedom had been getting smaller in recent 6 years. They presented the survey on world press freedom in 2007 to the public. 195 countries, involved in the survey, had been classified into free, half-free and closed in terms of press freedom. As usual eastern countries led the list of countries with press freedom. However, Portugal, Malta and Turkey stepped back.
Countries, which oppress press freedom, include North Korea, Cuba, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Zimbabwe. This time, Mongolia, Chernogor and East Timor ranked at 81 together.

In other words, Mongolia is a country of half-press freedoms. According to the international journalists’ website, about 3000 journalists and correspondents of Mongolia is to organize a gathering on occasion of the press freedom day to express their opposition against criminal law clause, which is a ground for 6months to 2 years imprisonment of journalists. Russia has been included in countries that are harmful to journalists, while Beijing ranks at 163.

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