Ch.Tumenbayar: Gobi Brand Is To Be Sold at Ginza Street in Tokyo and in Paris and New York Boutiques

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Tendency of price fall in cashmere creates favorable opportunities for domestic producers this year. We got some details from Ch.Tumenbayar, Executive Director of Gobi Cashmere Ltd.

What do you think, what are the reasons of decline in cashmere price?
Chinese Government issued a decree on not to import raw cashmere to China. Also the Parliament of Mongolia is to discuss draft law on imposing tariff on export of raw, de-haired and washed cashmere during the spring session. It is included in the list of issues to be discussed by the parliament. Experts explain that a cycle of cashmere price fall begins in the world market on the other hand. Cashmere price in the world market falls down by particular phases. I think this phase comes in the year 2008.
Is there any tentative guess on cashmere price fluctuation?
Experts say the price of raw cashmere will be approx. MNT32-35 thousand depending on the above factors.
Main raw material of your production is cashmere. What criteria you consider when buying raw cashmere?
Our goal is to produce quality products with qualitative raw materials and meet consumers’ needs at the domestic and international markets. Thus, we focus on three factors, which cashmere is good, what kind of technologies is used for processing and who is going to prepare them.
Then, you mean you won’t buy any cashmere from intermediate sellers in Ulaanbaatar?
We’ll prepare the main raw material for our production by sending our quality examiners to countryside. But it doesn’t mean we won’t get any raw cashmere from intermediate sellers. There are people who provide quality cashmere among them. We could bargain on market price.
Recently GOBIMAGIC 2008 show was held. People said it was a fashion dominant show?
We are glad that we met the expectations of the people. Many consumers come to us and say, “I have seen a nice coat at the show. Can I have one like that”, etc. In other words, the number of consumers, who want to have cashmere clothes designed according to wishes, increased. We would like to renew our product design every season and hold fashion shows quarterly. We are planning to hold a fashion show on June for the launch of our new store in consistency with the world standards. Also we aim to improve our product quality and design up to a world class within a year.
I heard Gobi brand is to be sold at boutiques around the world?
Cashmere is a luxury product so no doubt that high class users consume it. Soon our cashmere products will be sold at Ginza Street of Tokyo and boutiques in Paris and New York. Agreements are successful. In other words, Gobi brand, labeled Made in Mongolia is to be sold at major boutiques around the world.

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