Minerals Draft Laws Are Discussed As a Complex

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A group of Democratic Party in the Parliament of Mongolia held a restricted meeting yesterday and discussed laws and regulations to be discussed this week. With reference to 68 percent windfall tax on gold, the Parliament is to discuss draft law on modifications to Bank law and Treasury law. The draft law says that gold should be traded through Mongolbank but no through commercial banks. DP Group members didn’t support it. In connection with the above draft law, Micro mining draft law has been discussed as well. The Government decision, coinciding with this draft law, conflicts with the draft. Since there is a Government resolution, even the related regulation is not ratified, local Governors already started to grant land for micro-mining purposes. Therefore, they considered that legislation and the resolution must be in consistency. Also they supported the discussion of ethical regulation on General Election Committee members and draft law on modifications to the Public Service. However, they didn’t mention about the Minerals law draft, which is under public attention. We got details from S.Lambaa, Deputy Chairman of the DP Group.

The parliament is to discuss the draft law on modifications to Minerals Law, initiated by MPs and by the Government. How well did the draft law incorporate the proposals and comments of the task group, organized by DP?
E.Bat-Uul and others initiated a draft law on modifications to Minerals Law and submitted to the Parliament. Therefore we have to discuss the drafts together as a complex. During restricted session of the parliament, members and parties expressed their positions and opinions. DP has a position that “state and citizen” should possess 51 percent of the strategic deposits whilst MPRP expresses “state” or the Government should possess it. Since it is not clear whether possession of 51 percent means product allocations or shareholding, this should be discussed specifically. E.Bat-Uul and other incorporated the idea of product allocation in the draft law. Anyways, the members agreed upon the issue of ratifying the draft at this session.
Representatives of civil societies attended the formulation of draft law on modifications to the Minerals Law of Mongolia but they claimed their views had not been incorporated in the draft law. Also they criticized the clause on possession of a state and the citizen of 51 percent of strategic deposits because they thought that “citizen” meant parliament members and oligarchies?
We incorporated this word in order to give particular share and minerals portion to the public under the term “citizen”. It doesn’t mean the state and the citizen possess the portion together. It is said that sub-task group proposals were not incorporated in. The clause, saying the state should possess 51 percent and which was supported by them, is still unchanged.

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3 Responses to Minerals Draft Laws Are Discussed As a Complex

  1. Sumya says:

    angli heltei setguulch, orchuulagvch ajild avna.

  2. Mitchell says:

    Please Mongolia, stop being a laughing stock of the world and pass a fair minerals law.

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