261 Banned Foreigners Has Sought to Come Back in Mongolia

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Tourism season starts. Majority of illegal foreigners are trying to enter Mongolia. Currently D.Murun, Agency of Foreigners and Nationality chairman, has made an order on this issue. We clarified about his decision from D.Lhagvadorj, head of License and Registration Department, Agency of Foreigners and Nationality.
We heard about D.Murun’s decision on control of foreigners?
In order to implement Law on Foreigners Legal Environment, to protect national security of Mongolia, chairman made a order. Some banned foreigners tried to come back Mongolia, and this problem tends to increase. The aim of order is regulate these issues. Last year, our agency did a lots of work to prohibit illegal entries, unlawful employment. As a result of these actions, many illegal residents are deported.
How many violations did agency reveal since the beginning of this year?
261 banned foreigners sought to come back in Mongolia through Zamiin Uud border station. They changed their passports. Some violators such as South Korean citizen Pak Sejong who violated Family Law of Mongolia, has tried to enter to Mongolia.
Since January, how many foreigners banned to enter Mongolia?
Approximately 1000 foreigners, including citizens of PRC, DPRK, SRV, RF, and Malaysia, banned to come back in Mongolia for a while.

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