Wheat Is To Be Procured at Preferential Price

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Negotiations were held on wide range of issues such as increasing investment in trade, economy and business sectors, improving efficiencies of joint enterprises, renewing equipments and renovating technologies, jointly using atomic power for peace purposes and extending border trades. At the moment, V.A.Zubkov, Head of Russian Government informed that a decision on supplying 100.0 thousand tons wheat on preferential conditions has been signed. It shall belong to the favorable conditions offered to Mongols if we consider export tariff of wheat is quite high. Also it was promised to procure petroleum, imported by Mongolian entities, at constant price in the near months. The main significance of this negotiation is that Mongols should not be afraid of price growth in gas which in turn affects the increase in commodity goods price adversely. It is sure that maintaining gas price at constant level is a major discount and aid. Issues and arguments related to Russian apartments will no longer be a problem, since Russian side already transferred 7 of them to Mongolia already.

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