L.Bold Informs to the Mining Congress

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Representing the Government of Mongolia, L.Bold, Director of Minerals and Oil Authority of Mongolia lectured at the Asian Mining Congress, held in Singapore. This Congress, which is held annually, is now organized between 7 and 11 April and L.Bold addressed the present and future state as well as policy in mining and oil sector in Mongolia in his lecture. Main issues addressed during the Congress include foreign investment in Mongolia, mining sector transparency and stable legal environment. Also companies such as Canadian invested Rio Tinto, Erdene gold, Chinese invested Xinhua energy Company, operating in Mongolia introduced their activities.

Mongolia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and India, where major mining projects could be implemented at this time of increasing mining influence on the world market, attended the Congress actively. World attention has been drawn to Asia-the most promising region for mining development, on the basis of their abundant mineral resources. Over 650 delegates, comprising of delegates of mining companies, government institutions and NGOs exchange their views on issues such as strategy, investment, environmental recovery if mining sector and sales of mining products at the world market via international stock exchanges.   

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