Government Takes Main Resource of Cocking Coal

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And research is undertaken what to do with remaining parts

Issues related to Tavantolgoi have been decided after being discussed for several times but draft law of amendments to the minerals law got stuck. Anyways, social movements and those who are interested in nomination to the coming election give high importance to it, holding press conferences, blaming some people whilst the amendment issue has not been decided yet. According to the negotiation between the Government and Energy Resource, 93.6 percent of Tavantolgoi is transferred to state and remaining 4 percent is to the company holding the licenses. Some companies, holding remaining percent of the deposit might be in a condition to negotiate with the state like Energy Resource, getting little of the deposit. The Government suggested the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to formulate proposals on how to solve issues related to local and foreign companies.

As mentioned by Mr. Kh.Narankhuu Minister of Industry and Commerce, their issues might be solved in a same way as with Energy Resource, transferring them from center to border of the site with cocking coal. Another way is to withdraw licenses back if the companies didn’t show good performances in conformity with principles. Daitsuki”, Japan-invested company, “Tavantolgoi trans” which has 51percent participation and “Pushin” company have licenses at Tavantolgoi. These companies hold licenses of the site which has cocking coal, mining 200-300 thousand tons coal a year. As for Tavantolgoi, its cocking coal, of which price increase 10 times in comparison to ordinary ones in the world market, lies in the center of the site. Also there are guesstimates that there are several places with resources and one of them is Ukhaa khudag acquired by Energy Resource. However a site with expensive cocking coal resource is under state acquisition.

Social movements claim that Ukhaa kjhudag, which has the most resource has been given to Energy Resources at the press conference, but according to the Minister of the sector, the one would not say so if he/she saw geological database. Minister Kh.Narankhuu said that a same suspicion would go on if the part, taken by the state, was given to Energy Resource. Anyways, license issues related to Tavantolgoi would cover other companies as well.

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  1. Shaheed Ndongeni says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am interested in knowing the price of coal per/MT as well as that of cocking coal. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.


    Shaheed Ndongeni

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