Urged To Exploit Asgat Deposit

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Prime Minister Bayar has visited to Tsagaannuur village of Nogoonnuur soum, Bayan-Ulgii aimag on March 24 2008.

During the visit local authority, border authority and free economy zone of Tsagaannuur soum reported about their activities.

Local community members are urging Prime Minister to move forward on exploiting Asgat silver mine, to halt scandalizing around the deposit issue and to protect the interest of the Mongolians. Ultimatum letter to accelerate the procedure of exploitation and to sign the investment agreement with the Russian side addressed to Parliament and the Government, signed by 972 inhabitants of Nogoonnuur soum, was handed to the Prime Minister.

Local community members think that connecting with neighbouring Kazakhstan and Russia and developing industry are the key goals. Baya-Ulgii aimag has less arable land than others because of its soil nature and wheat and flour deficiency has become one of the critical issues of the local community. Therefore, economy free zone authority is planning to build flour factory to produce flour for the local needs, by importing wheat from Kazakhstan.

The Prime Minister highly appreciated the initiative activities of the Economy Free Zone Authority than Zamyn Uud. He also promised to support connecting with neighbouring countries through the cooperation with the neighbouring countries. He also informed his plan to use some part of the 300 million US$ grant aid of China

In the afternoon, he visited to Bukhmurun soum, supplying most of the west aimags’ coal needs with its Khotgor coal mine and rich in experience on planting grass for livestock. The local community also demands to accelerate exploitation of Asgat mine.


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