Mining Associations Made a Statement

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The Mongolian National Mining Association profoundly regrets for the Mongolian Government’s and Parliament’s gross ignorance in their decision and law making practices of the views and opinions of the private sector, whose rights and benefits are at stake and are eventually to be regulated by the very laws and regulations, which are becoming increasingly unrealistic to enforce.

The policy vacuum for clear absence of comprehensive, visionary and sustainable government policy in the mining sector is being skillfully filled with unabashed attempts of some political parties and politicians to increase their popularity rate at the dawn of the parliamentary election by making empty promises nurtured on narrow political interests to earn re-election at any cost. The Mongolian National Mining Association is concerned this situation grossly violates the fundamental concept and principles of the market economic system and the Constitution of Mongolia and may pose a serious threat to the national security of Mongolia.

Number of draft bills developed recently to introduce conceptual and policy changes in the Minerals law are a clear manifestation of a short-sighted policy to retard and setback Mongolia’s minerals sector development for many years ahead. As a result, our 17-year long collective efforts to establish democracy and free market economic system are rendered fruitless as the private sector is discriminated, wealth producers are hated, free competition is crushed by overwhelming spirit to worship state property while the basic role of the Government in the society is being fundamentally distorted. Increasing tendency to abide by non-market economic approach at the policy-making level in addressing vital issues of the country’s economic development will hinder Mongolia’s development by decades.

Persistence of these irresponsible practices in Mongolia’s state affairs endangers Mongolia’s economic security, and the MNMA states that the incumbent Parliament and its member-parties must be held accountable for whatever damage is caused for the country.

Mongolian National Mining Association

Mongol Coal Association

Drillers Association

Mongolian Geology Association

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