Z.Enkhbold: Beneficial Choice-Hope They Won’t Reject

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img_enhbold-z.jpgMP Z.Enkhbold, who engaged in task group, representing DP has his saying.

MPRP and DP have agreed upon Mongolia’s ownership of less than 51 percent of deposits of strategic importance. Could you provide us some details?

51 percent can be given to not only state but also Mongols, however underground minerals shall be 100 percent Mongolian property. We think that 49:51 of Erdenet is a good example.

How did you manage exploration and mining licenses?

Taking parts in the draft of agreement is a separate thing since we are MPs. Therefore we are going to provide the Government a sample of agreement. We must remember what happened to Oyutolgoi agreement due to perverseness. After passing the law, we will discuss the agreement. We have an opinion to compose Investment agreement for 15 years of duration taking international approaches into account.

Is there any disagreements? What do other parties have in mind?

No disagreements, so far. Have no idea what the Government’s opinion would be and afterwards what the parties would say during the discussion of the draft during Parliament session. We chose a beneficial alternative for Mongolia and hope they won’t reject it.

Minerals law draft was submitted to and discussed by the Government yesterday. It is possible to summon irregular session of the Parliament in a week or next Wednesday. Today the Cabinet is to continue the discussion to integrate the opinions.

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