Three Mongolian Snipers Heads for Olympus

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Mongolian shooting sportsmen acquired the greatest number of rights to take parts in the Beijing 2008 Olympus. O.Gundegmaa, Sportswoman of Merit and Ts.Munkhzul and Z.Batkhuyag, Masters of Sports of International Level have acquired the Olympus rights already and are preparing for it. Though there isn’t any competition to grant rights, there are several contests to test capacity of snipers. Following Asian Championship in China, there would be a big challenge in Beijing. Afterwards there are international competitions, in which world bests would compete, would be held in Germany and Italy. Mongolian snipers will take parts in them. However it is not clear what teams and sportsmen would participate so far. Sportsmen, who have been selected from the spring competition, will head for Asian Championship. Spring Competition challenged the sportsmen in air gun and long gun competitions. Elder sportsmen, namely B.Altsantsetseg, Master of International Level, accompanied by T.Myagmarjav and G.Erkhembayar, Masters of International Level, demonstrated good results. Among sportswomen, Ch.Narantutya, Master of International Level led the competition with her total scores. In practicing types, O.gundegmaa, Ts.Munkhzul and Z.Batkhuyag confirmed their previous ranks, winning gold medals. Ch.Narantuya, D.Lkhamsuren and N.Ganchimeg followed them. Several competitions are being held this month, including Mongolian Shooting Cup and Simba Trophy, which challenge preparation and training of sportsmen heading for Beijing Olympus, according to B.Altantsetseg, Coach of the National Shooting team.

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