Will Establish “Mongolian Railway” Joint Company

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Government has decided to aid certain amount of capital to “Ulaanbaatar railway” in order to renew its equipments.

Therefore Government meeting solved that it’s worth to establish “Mongolian Railway” JSC which will own the locomotives bought by state budget. According to the government order, it charged to Finance minister Ch.Ulaan, and Road, Transportation and Tourism minister R.Rash that “Mongolian Railway” joint stock company will buy three locomotives and 150 coaches for purposes of equipment renewing of “Ulaanbaatar Railway” by the budget of ” Mongolian development fund” and will rent to “Ulaanbaatar railway” joint stock company.

The “Mongolian Railway” company will be 100 per cent state property, and founder and owner will be the Mongolian government.

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One Response to Will Establish “Mongolian Railway” Joint Company

  1. Barry says:

    This government owned railroad idea, simply wil not work.
    What makes them think they have the expertise needed to run a railroad?
    Look at their past performance. Pretty BAD.
    Any large global constrruction company can build a railroad. It takes experience to manage one at a profit so as to allow for new renovations and maintenance.

    This should not be a governement owned enterprise, costs will be out of hand. Payoffs and coruption will be rampant. It may be anyway.

    Germany makes the best engines and so does Japan, and they know how to runa railroad.
    get ahold of Gordon WU, the guy that biult the tollraod into Hong Kong years ago, he knows how to get things done. Took a LOT of payoffs at each turn of the road, but he got it done. AND, it is profitable, AND it took 5 days travel off of the trip throught he mountains.

    I suggest they invite investment from those most affected by the lack of roads and railways. Make them partners in the profits.
    Exports will go up, taxes will go up, not because of a rate increase, but because of increase in traffic both people and goods.
    It is a profit thing, a little too capitalistic maybe for the MPs. They do not want anyone to make a profit from investments in Mongolia. Just make themselves LOOK more important.
    Sell somer bonds, build some railroads.


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