Mongolia Is Preparing for EXPO

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“EXPO-2008, Zaragoza” world exhibition will be organized from 14-th June to 14-th September under the topic of “Water and Sustainable Development” in Spanish Zaragoza town. Yesterday, General Commissioner and Ambassador Emilio Fernandez Kastano informed to journalists that the exhibition, which will take 25 hectares area, will be interested by 7 million people and more than 140 countries will participate.

They chose the “Water and Sustainable Development” as a topic because of environmental, ecological and water issues are the timid issues of the world as countries growing and developing by economical sides.

While previous EXPO used to be organized three years ago in Japanese Aichi prefecture under the topic of “Mind of Mother Nature”, then the next EXPO will be organized in Shanghai city with title of “Nice City-Nice Life” in 2010. Distinction of Spain is that its imagination of sustainable development policy basis is water resource.

Ya.Sodbaatar, Vice Minister of Industry & Trade, said that Mongolia will participate in this event with very important position. He said, “Mongolia need 500 million tugrugs financing for participation. And Spanish Government will fund us with 350 thousand euros free grant.”

The importance of our participation is not just advertisement of Mongolia but advertisement of national products to the world, and size and kinds of our products to European market will increase.”

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