“Khuduu Aral” Rejects

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“Kherlen’s Khuduu Aral” movement rejects oil exploration of 100 percent Canadian invested company “Shaman Resources” in Delgerkhaan soum, Khentii province, considering it was illegal because the company obtained its license under Bayanjargalan, not under Delgerkhaan and there is no soum called Bayanjargalan. Also the grounds of rejection include; no assessment on environmental impact was performed, no permission was obtained from local authorities, and the soum is the land of precious historical and cultural heritages. Kherlen’s Khuduu Aral is the place which is bordered by Kherlen River on the right and Tsenkheriin River on the left and is a home for many historic places and findings such as Statue of Secret History of Mongolia, ruins of Avarga /Giant/ Palace and Khuiten khoshuu. Also it is a favorable home for 32-42 kinds of herbs and scarce flora. As of today “Shaman Resources” started drilling at Doloodiin Durvuljin in Khuduu Aral.

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