Working Group on Mineral Resource did not Hold Meeting

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Working group meeting, which was established by order of parliament speaker to make amendment and change to useful minerals law and work out on investment contract draft of strategically important deposits, was planned to be organized at 11.00 am on yesterday. Also this working group established a sub-working group which consists of civic movements, non-governmental organizations, scholars, Industry & Trade Ministry, Useful Mineral and Oil Affairs Administrative office and State Control and Supervision Office. It is headed by Industry & Trade Minister Kh.Narankhuu. The working group was planning to make enlarged session with sub-working group, and hand their draft to Government on today. But meeting was cancelled without clear reason.

The working groups summarized their opinions on about 10 principal issues and must hand to Parliament after discussion with Government. The parliament schemed to resolve the issue related to useful minerals in April. Also there is criticism that working group must include other parties’ members which have a seat in parliament. During the meeting of President with party leaders, they decided to involve them to working group. But since then no other talks about it.

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