Customs Bureaucracy Instead of Cars with Customs

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~ While the whole nation undergoes price increase, price waves are coming from western provinces as well ~

Those in western border of the country are hit hard by the Resolution of the Prime Minister S.Bayar on banning customs cars. In general there must not be any customs car. The Resolution which banned illegal flow that carry consumer needs goods from China is a right thing. However, S.Bayar’s sudden and unplanned movement doesn’t bring any applause. Small and medium entrepreneurs claim that their livelihood has worsened because of the decision. They lack opportunities of expressing opposite and positive sides of the Resolution to the Prime Minister directly. Therefore they addressed N.Khurelsukh, member of Khovd province Council to help them save time by delivering their message to the state. Confirming their address to the Prime Minister, over 200 sellers wrote their family member number, counters they own and signed behind. According to traders, they are afraid of drawing goods via customs even they have cash in hand and if this condition continued Khovd province might face shortage of goods soon. Following this shortage, consumer goods price is to go up because traders had no way other than increasing price before customs cars were banned. So, it’s clear that price of goods would increase not only in Khovd but also in whole western provinces. Khovd residents are planning demonstration and strike if there is no prompt evidence or result from the state.

They explain the reason for consumer goods increase as follows; customs staff, which had their jobs taken away by customs cars could not perform their tasks, creating bureaucracy that result price increase. Earlier customs operated fairly imposing tariff on load size but nowadays traders ask and beg customs staffs in order to get their goods whilst on Chinese border Mongols get quick services. Some people with trucks of loads pay taxes equal to 3 bags of loads. Traders complain that customs clerks serve traders according to their evaluation and there is no technology in the customs operation. Therefore traders increase the price of goods in order to get at least little profit from their business. Traders have 2-3 million togrogs to get goods from China once and 400 thousand togrogs out of them go to travel expenses. Now their business, which meets the whole market of the region, could not bear any profits. A lot of measures are being taken effortlessly to hold price increase and now price increase flows come from western part of the nation. Customs cars disappeared however customs bureaucracy pressures people.

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