9 Ministries for the Government, Says the Draft Law

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The Government has 13 ministries and 15 members as of today. Yesterday the Cabinet meeting discussed whether the Law on the Government should be modified. The law draft excludes Deputy Premieres, incorporates ministries without DPs and states the Head of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government as non-Cabinet member. Also it says the Economic Development Agency must be formed. The draft also integrated Ministry of Roads, Transport and Tourism, Ministry of Construction and Urban Development and Ministry of Fuel and Energy into the Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development, Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Ministry of Food and Agriculture into the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Industry and Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor into Ministry of Health, Social welfare and Labor. Policy issues of geology and minerals which is under the Minister of Industry and Commerce will be transferred to the Minister of Environment, creating the Ministry of Environment and Minerals, foreign trade issues to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, creating the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and issues of children, youths and family development into those under the Minister of Health, Social welfare and Labor. According to the draft, Mongolian Government is to have 9 ministries, 2 agencies including Economic Development Agency and Cabinet Secretariat, 9 regulatory and 19 implementing agencies.

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