Said That “Grant of the Motherland” Is Election Advertisement

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Government’s idea about “Grant of the Motherland” is already came on paper. They already handed parliament the draft of useful minerals revenue distribution to citizens. But it started to confront resistance.

Citizens Movement Party and Green Party, the first alliance to meet coming election, expressed their resistance when they met with press. Comers were Chairman of CMP- J.Batzandan, vice chairman-O.Magnai and vice chairman of GP- Zorigt. They said that chairman of GP is in abroad. As they see, 50 thousand tugrugs share to everyone is just advertisement for coming election and tricks for trying to buy people’s vote. Instead of 130 billion tugrugs distribution without any goal, they call upon to build 10 thousand families apartments in our smoky capital city. And they calculated how we could do by the money which trying to corrupt people’s control.

Apart from 10 thousand families apartment construction, we can build health diagnosis center and can pay 260 billion students tuition fee by the money. Also can support small and medium sized businesses and can create 20 thousand workplaces. They will not limit their resistance only by this press conference, but they will demand from parliament not to discuss government law draft of “Grant of the Motherland Treasury.”

At meeting they raised about Citizens Alliance and the next election questions. 50 percent of their candidates are non-member of party. They will claim their candidates by the mid of next month and promised that all candidates will be the people who have good social position, honesty and reputation.

They started to offer people who are qualified their criteria. For example, they offered to S.Demberel-chairman of Mongolian National Trade and Industrial Chamber, B.Lkhagvajav-Head of National Soyombo movement and Z.Altai-director of 25 Channel TV.

The Citizens Movement’s said that they don’t have money criteria like other parties and will raise fund for their election expenditure by people’s donation.

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