23 Wells Poisoned by Chemicals

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Activities of artisanal miners over-exceed beyond limits. It’s a normal phenomenon as they refine gold from dirt, polluting rivers and waters. Manual and mechanic wells in Umnugobi, Dornogobi, Bayankhongor and Uvurkhangai provinces were polluted by chemical substances because ninjas in the Gobi region, refine their gold near these wells. According to the joint inspection of State Professional Inspection Agency, Ministry of Environment and National Emergency Management Agency, 22 wells in Bayankhongor and 1 in Uvurkhangai province were polluted with cyanide and natrium.

In Shinejist soum, Bayankhongor province 4 polluted wells were registered. “Ninjas take water from the well with a pot dipped into a substance and dispose water, used for refining gold, near the well. They purposely pour diesel and gas into the well when required to leave the well,” complain native residents to the professional inspection and emergency specialists. There is no way to use such poisoned water for drinking and watering livestock. In such bad way, ninjas take prerogative power over wells.

More powerful ninjas, who load gold dirt by trucks, move from one well to another, refining their gold. The research on estimating natrium, mercury and cyanide contained in the water of these polluted wells is being continued.

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