More Crimes Occur in Areas Without Lights

Feb 26 • Government • 739 Views • 1 Comment on More Crimes Occur in Areas Without Lights

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“Open door” day of General Police Department organized on yesterday. 20 staffs who represent all units of General Police Department made information, legal advice and received people’s comments and applications. Totally 400 people’s comments and complains were gathered. Most applications of people related to Traffic Police Department. People were critical about recovery of traffic license, transportation certificate and fines. Also they criticized about less attention of patrol police in ger district and less lighted areas of the city which are most of crimes concentrated. Patrol guard vice commander, colonel N.Bayarmagnai said that “the area which don’t have lights are the place where most of theft and rapes perpetrated”. We work as we can, but results are not enough. Most importantly, we need to resolve lights issue of door, corridor and street.

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