Tried to Arrest O.Magnai

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Presumably on last Saturday, some people tried to arrest O.Magnai, who is a vice chairman of Civil Movement Party. Two of people arrived his home when he was there and ordered him to go together. But O.Magnai refused to follow them because it was weekend and outside was dark. We tried to reference about it from O.Magnai, but couldn’t contact him.

As some source informed, National Security Council ordered Felonious Police Department to ask and arrest O.Magnai about the issue of letter and contract draft which sent to Industry & Trade minister Kh. Narankhuu from Russia.

Considering this consequence, this letter must be related state secret and might be not just a letter that mistaken the address. So the issue of secret accord between Prime Minister and Industry & Trade minister could be confirmed. If the letter and contract draft was just misbehavior of someone, they would not take such care. So it might be real case. Action ought to start from today.

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