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Name: Mobicom Corporation

Industry: Communications

Company in Brief: Mobicom Corporation was incorporated in 18th March of 1996 as a Mongolian-Japanese joint venture to become the first operator to introduce cellular telecommunication services to Mongolia.  It has been founded by Mongolian Newcom company, which share is 40 %, and Japanese corporations Sumitomo and KDDI.
Currently Mobicom Corporation provides wide range of services including GSM cellular communications, international communications, Internet and satellite communications, wireless local loop or WLL and more other to both corporate and  personal customers.


Year 1996
03.18 – Mobicom corporation is established as the first cellular telephone service operator of Mongolia.

Year 1997
03.15 – Opens the second out of capital city service branch in Erdenet city.
03.10 – Starts to expand its network and launches its first out of capital city service branch in Darkhan city.

Year 1998
10.18 – Introduces prepaid Mobicard service which allows customers to use mobile phones services with less expences.
03.20 – Expands its network to Sukhbaatar city of Selenge aimag providing favourable environment for businesses.

Year 1999
11.18 – Opens new Mobicom service branch and expands its network coverage in Ulaanbaatar area by extending it to Nalaikh city.
10.13 – Opens new Mobicom service branch and expands its network to Altanbulag port of Selenge aimag.
01.05 – Introduces Mobifone WLL service installing CDMA base station in Ulaanbaatar which enables to provide communication services to personal and corporate customers in areas without telephone lines.

Year 2000
11.26 – Launches the International Roaming service, the main advantage of GSM system.
11.20 – Successfully introduces Voice mail service to the market.
09.01 – Launches Short Message Service ensuring total satisfaction of the customers.
03.25 – Expands its network to Zamiin-Uud, the southern border of Mongolia.

Year 2001
12.15 – Launches Friends and Easy group services to the market.
06.18 – Opens new Mobicom service branch at Arvaikheer city of Uvurkhangai aimag.
05.10 – Expands its network to Sainshand city of Dornogovi aimag.
04.05 – Opens its branches and extends network coverage in the areas of Zuunkharaa, Baganuur, Zuunmod cities.
02.01 – Mobicom Corporation continues to expand its business activity and launches Mobinet service introducing the cutting edge internet technology.

Year 2002
11.20 – Opens new Mobicom service branch at Bayan-Ulgii aimag.
11.19 – Launches sms banking service for the clients of Golomt Bank and Trade and Development Bank allowing to check account balance via SMS.
10.17 – Introduces message-based service allowing to receive weather forecast information.
10.12 – Launches SmartMessage service to the market.
09.15 – Opens new Mobicom service branch at Arkhangai aimag.
06.08 – New service Mobicom branch starts to operate in Hutul city.
04.22 – Opens new Mobicom service branch at Bulgan aimag.
02.09 – Opens new Mobicom service branch at Bagakhangai district.
01.15 – Opens new Mobicom service branch at Govisumber aimag.

Year 2003
11.13 – Mobicom’s network reaches Uvs and Hovsgol aimags becoming the largest and first network that covered all territory of Mongolia.
11.10 – Mobicom launches the new “RBN-509” service that enables customers to receive latest price rates on main commodities via text messages.
08.19 – Mobicom extends its network to Hujirt of Uvurkhangai aimag.
08.15 – Mobicom networks covers Guulin and Delger soums of Govi-Altai aimag enabling local citizens benefit from mobile phones.
08.15 – Concerning that year 2003 has been declared by the Government as “Year to visit Mongolia” Mobicom expands its network to main tourism areas such as Gorkhi and Terelj.
07.28 – Opens its second service center at “Ulaanbaatar” hotel.
07.10 – Launches new Mobicom’s service branch at Zavkhan aimag.
06.21 – Mobicom expands its network coverage in Ulaanbaatar area by extending it to “Hui doloon hudag”. This measure allows subscribers stay connected during horce racing at naadam holiday of 82th anniversary of People’s Revolution.
05.03 – Together with Mongolian Marketing Association organizes “The new century marketer” competition between teams from following universities and institutes: Institute of Finance and Economics, National University of Mongolia, Computer Science and Management School, Agricultural university, Institute of Commerce and Business.
03.22 – Celebrates 7th anniversary organizing Mobicom’s Open Days and giving gifts as incentives to its first subscribers.
03.15 – Mobicom expands its network coverage in Ulaanbaatar area by extending it to Gachuurt village, Shuvuun fabric, Biokombinat and Nairamdal Children’s Center providing local and traveling residents opportunity to use mobile phone services.
03.01 – Improves Web2SMS service allowing Mobicom customers to receive messages from internet all around the world. Now it became possible to send messages from web to mobile phone and from mobile phone to your web account.
– Mobicom customers benefit from new additional service SMSDictionary which provides words’ translations between English and Mongolian.
– Introduces InternetEASY service which is designated to simplify the prepaid internet card service allowing to purchase internet time via mobile phone.
– Launches sms banking service for the clients of Saving bank
02.19 – Mobicom customers start to receive the eastern and western horoscope via mobile phone.
01.29 – Launches sms banking service for the clients of Zoos bank.
01.13 – Introduces HotMessage service for youth.
01.01 – Launches sms banking service for the clients of Capitron bank.

Year 2004
12.07 – Contracts with KDDI Corporation, one of the best world-class information and communication companies.
11.30 – Mobicom expands its network to Tosontsengel soum of Zavkhan aimag.
11.13 – Starts experimental messaging between Mobicom and Skytel customers.
08.12 – Mobicom’s network reaches Bor-Undur city of Hentii aimag starting to cover outlying soums and settlements.
07.29 – Representatives of International Telecommunications Union visit Mobicom.
06.09 – Mobicom joins Olympic movement and holds press conference to call all Mongolian companies to join the movement. During the press conference Mobicom introduces the new shooting equipment granted to international master O.Gundegmaa.
05.31 – Mobicom organizes “Smiling children” photo exhibition at central office in Ulaanbaatar and at rural branches. All participated children received gifts.

Year 2005
10.01 – Mobicom launchs its network in Berkh soum of Khentii aimag. The opening ceremony was attended by General director of Mobicom Corporation G.Battur and Parliament member U.Khurelsukh.
09.06 – Mobicom extends its network to Ikh-Uul soum of Hovsgol aimag and opens the 65th branch of the company.
09.01 – Mobicom implements tariff revision to change its postpaid tariff plans. Postpaid customers with phone numbers starting as 9909 can choose from Zone80 or Zone300 service packages while customers with phone numbers starting as 9911 can choose from Gold 9911 or Platinum 9911 service packages.
06.29 – Mobicom expands its network to Tsagaannuur soum of Selenge aimag. The opening ceremony was attended by Parliament member E.Bat-Uul, General director of Mobicom Corporation G.Battur, member of sub-session of Mongolian Revolutionary Party D.Nasanjargal, other official representatives and local citizens.
06.25 – Mobicom launchs its network in Tsogt-Ovoo soum of Omnogovi aimag. The opening ceremony was attended by Parliament member D.Bat-Erdene, General director of Mobicom Corporation G.Battur, Governor of Omnogovi aimag S.Sumya and chairman of local Citizen’s Representatives Council Zorigtbaatar.
06.17 – Sponsored by Mobicom, international master of shooting sport O.Gundegmaa wins gold medal from competition held in Milan, Italy becoming first Mongolian athlete qualified for Olympic Games 2008.
05.07 – Mobicom’s network reaches to the 62th site. Also the launching ceremony of fibre-optical cable established in Lun and Dashinchilen takes place. Prime Minister of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj attends the launching ceremony.
04 Mobicom’s network reaches to Bayanchandmani, Rashaant, Hui doloon khudag of Tov aimag, Dashinchilen and Bayannuur of Bulgan aimag, Nomgon, Dulaankhan and Altanbulag of Selenge aimag, Khongor, Salkhit, Jims nogoo of Darkhan-Uul aimag, Chingisiin khuree tourist base and 311th military unit of Ulaanbaatar.
03.26 – Mobicom launchs promotion to new subscribers and organizes Mobicom’s Open Days.

Year 2006
04.20 – A basketball tournament is organized at 20 schools in outlying districts of Ulaanbaatar within the framework of “Nike in the cradle of Chingis Khaan” campaign.
02.15 – Mobicom opens its 134th branch in Rashaant soum of Bulgan aimag. The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of Roads, Transportation and Tourism Ts. Tsengel and other official representatives.
02.12 – On the occasion of “Tsagaan sar” holiday senior citizens from Chingeltei district and elder staff from communication sector receive special gifts.
01.05 – Mobicom sponsors “Golden pen -2007” literary festival.
12.26 – Auctions off lucky cell phone numbers for Zone postpaid service. The lucky number 99009999 reaches 1 million togrogs and total takings for all numbers accounts 11 million togrogs.
12.20 – Sponsors repair works of the II Maternity home which was temporarily closed due to State Professional Inspection Agency decision.
12.12 – Mobicom opens its 127th branch in Ikhtamir soum of Arkhangai aimag.
12.01 – Mobicom sponsors “Duulian 2020” competition together with Khas bank.
11.20 – Mobicom launches its network in Erdenedalai soum of Dundgovi aimag. The opening ceremony was attended by Parliament member D.Raash and Director of Sales Division D.Narantuya.
11.14 – Auctions of 99913333, 99923333 numbers to raise funds for “Khaluun setgel” donation campaign organized by NTV television. Auction totaled 750.000 togrogs.
11.12 – Mobicom opens its 125th branch in Zuunbayan-Ulaan soum of Ovorkhangai aimag.
10.27 – Mobicom launches its network in Yeruu soum of Selenge aimag. The Parliament member R.Nyamsuren, governor of Selenge aimag J.Bayarmagnai, Director of Public Relations Division of Mobicom D.Bolor are attended to the opening ceremony.
10.22 – Sponsors Programming Olympiad organized by Ikh Zasag university.
09.25 – Mobicom announces the winner of message writing contest between all Mobicom users. The contest winner student B.Tugssaikhan leads with 18,286 messages he wrote using his mobile phone.
09.23 – A basketball tournament “Nike in the cradle of Chingis Khaan” is organized together with Khas bank at 300 soums of 21 aimags.
09.15 – Implements project for school repair works. According to the project, Mobicom sponsores roof and plumbing repair works of malfunctioning 12 schools and 7 kindergartens of Ulaanbaatar.
09.11 – 1st session for system administrators is organized under sponsorship of Mobicom Corporation. The session includes paper presentation on 13 topics, opinion exchange on further cooperation followed by discussions on specific topics.
09.09 – Mobicom launchs its network in Tariat soum of Arkhangai aimag. The opening ceremony was attended by Communication Regulatory Committee, Parliament members, specialists of World Bank and representatives of Mobicom.
09.03 – The opening ceremony of Mobicom network launching in Hould and Luus soums of Dundgovi aimag was attended by Parliament and Government member J.Narantsatsralt, Parliament member D.Raash, Governor of Dundgovi aimag Sh.Turbat, Mobicom CEO F.Shiga and Director of Public Relations Division D.Bolor.
09.01 – Sponsors launching of “Olymp Development Foundation” initiated by Prime Minister in order to successfully prepare our athletes for Beijing 2008 Olympic games.
08.05 – Mobicom Corporation is contributing to solve food safety problem which has been encountered to our country and donates mobile diagnostic apparatus to Consumer Foundation.
07.29 – 300 Wrestlers from over 40 countries participated in World student wrestling championship sponsored by Mobicom. Mongolian wrestlers win 9 gold medals and represented our country to the world, successfully.
07.27 – Sponsors and organizes together with Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry 1st session of scientists working abroad named “Intellectual investment for Mongolians”.
07.18 – Celebrates its 10th anniversary together with local customers organizing “Gratitude Show” at 30 branches of 21 aimags.
06.30 – The opening ceremonies of Mobicom network launching in Togrog, Darvi and Tonkhil soums of Govi-Altai aimag.
06.28 – On the occasion of 800th anniversary of Great Mongolian State Mobicom Corporation sponsors publicization of cognitive “Great Mongolia” boardgame. “Great Mongolia” boardgame is distributed as a gift to nursing homes, schools in outlying districts of Ulaanbaatar and over 100 rural schools at 21 aimags.
06.25 – Announces the 500th user of Mobinet service and celebrates this event with all customers. The lucky user receives a special gift from the director of division.
06.15 – Sponsors international research conference on “Information and communication technology innovation” organized by Mongolian University of Science and Technology, attended by over 90 scientists from 12 countries.
06.01 – On the occasion of the Children’s Day participated in “Hunii hun” program at TV25 and gives special gifts for participating children
05.11 – 4000 people participated in public race organized on the occasion of 10th anniversary of Mobicom Corporation.
05.05 – Mobicom Corporation together with Ministry of Education, Culture and Science starts the free noon meal program for 3334 pupils of 1st and 2nd grades at 12th school of Ulaanbaatar.
04.17 – Organizes Touriada-2006 adventurous sport journey at Terelj of Tuul river basin. Over 300 students and 20 specialists from Mobicom competed with each other by all kinds of sport.
03.05 – Launchs Voice Greetings service that enables customers to deliver their feelings to their close people via mobile phone.
02.12 – Donates 1 million togrogs to construction works of “Khaluu Bolor” nursing center for children suffering from brain paralysis.
02.01 – Introduces new 500/1000 top-up cards to provide Mobicom customers with an alternative gift choice for “Tsgaan sar” holiday.

Year 2007
06.01 – This Mother and Child’s Day Mobicom Corporation launches the new “Birthday Gift” service. Mobicom employees visit maternity homes and present special gifts and new mobile phone numbers to mothers and their babies who were born that day.
05.12 – Mobicom expands its network to Gurvanbulag soum of Bulgan aimag.
04.27 – Mobicom contracts Alcatel for network expansion. The contract has been signed on behalf of Mobicom Corporation by A.Shiga, the CEO of Mobicom, and on behalf of Alcatel by Yannik Kiginer, General Director of Alcatel resident representative of Mongolia.
04.21/22 – The 17th National Programming Olympiad takes place between the universities teaching ICT cources. As the general sponsor of the competition Mobicom Corporation awards the Olympiad winner, student of National University of Mongolia G.Batbold, with 1.000.000 togrogs.
04.02 – The Mobicom service provider Newtel company opens “TEDY-2” service branch at Tsambagarav center of Songino khairkhan district.
03.30 – Five school teams sponsored by Mobicom lead “Duulian 2020” competition.
03.23 – Corporate Business Sector of Mobicom Corporation organizes meeting seminar on “Comprehensive solution for information and communication” for Mining sector representatives at “Chingis Khaan” Hotel.
03.18 – The Mobicom Day is organized at Defence University on the occasion of 86th anniversary of Armed Forces.
03.08 – On the occasion of International Women’s Day Mobicom corporation presents 10.000 roses to female customers served at service branches and celebratory cakes to female Mobifone wireless phone users.
01.18 – Child clinique of Maternal and Child Health Research Center receives 4 oxygen enriching apparatuses donated by Mobicom Corporation. The vice minister of MOH A.Otgonbold, clininque administration and staff participated in the ceremony.
01.07 – “Support to Mongolian Sumos” campaign starts. Mobicom supports Mongolian sumos by sponsoring a kensho banner to be paraded around the sumo ring.

Chief Executive Officer: N/A

Chief Financial Officer: N/A

Chief Operating Officer: N/A

TOP 100 Rank: 3

Address: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Sambuu Street-47
Tel: 976-11-312222, 976-2222, 976-2233
Fax: 976-11-324017, 976-11- 310411


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